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Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's funny how a simple observation of person or object can trigger a musical response from your memory.   I wonder why this is?

I was playing poker with some friends the other night and was dealt pocket 3's ( not such a good pocket pair if your unfamiliar with poker) which almost immediately triggered a response in my head to auto-play "Three is a magic number" by, Blind Melon.

The song kept playing as I waited for my turn to make a move. One of the players at the table made a strong bet which kinda caught me off guard, however the song was still cheerfully playing in my head.   I thought about calling... I thought about folding, but instead I said, "All in!"  The person next to me folded, and it was just left to me and the opposing player who had made the bet before me.  He gave me a kind of an evil grin and called me.

At this point the song seemingly grew in intensity.  I smiled, turned my cards over and proclaimed that I was already the winner before the cards had even come out on the table.  "3 is a magic number" I said as I showed my cards to begin the showdown.  Needless to say, I was right and ended up getting 3 of a kind (3 3's) which doubled up my chip stack.  Indeed, 3 is a magic number.

Song of the Day:  "Three is a magic number" by, Blind Melon.

I'm not to sure who originally did this song as I'm pretty sure Blind Melon covered it.  Any Ideas?

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